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As the BWAG talks programme has had to be cancelled for some months ahead I am hoping that members and others will contribute photos from their collections for the interest of those visiting the site during the closure period.

Thanks to Steve Alcock Manager of Solent Sky for the latest batch of photos

most having a local connection with Hampshire and the Solent Region.

As always, I recommend you left click each image to enlarge it

to reveal the high quality original


Our friend David is our resident expert on the Royal Navy and Naval Flying. In response to my request for photos he has come up with some from Flying Legends 2011.

The odd-one-out is the Swordfish which being a favourite of David I have given enlarged status. All the rest can be seen larger by a simple left click


Having received Richard Hall's excellent photos of the Military Display in August, I have since been given another batch of the same event by long-time contributor Paul Godfrey. Paul has also been my mentor in managing the web-site and he has solved various technical problems he having set up the site from the beginning. Therefore, I welcome his latest offering which complement those of Richard. My thanks to both!



Richard Hall again!

This time he attended the joint RAF/Israeli Air Force Exercises at Waddington. The German and Italian Air Forces also took part. 

This report is from the RAF's official web-site :

'The exercise rehearsed a range of complex scenarios focusing on developing tactics and strategies in order to counter a near peer adversary including crisis and conflict situations that could be encountered in operations. The UK forces trained alongside personnel from Germany, Israel and Italy. Several Israeli F-15s flew together with UK Typhoons, Italian and German Eurofighters for the first time in the RAF's 101-year history.'

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