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A relic of the Cold War has been given a new lease of life, twenty-six years after its official use came to an end. On 8th September 2018 the Control Tower at former RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire was opened to the public as a museum and café. With help from the Heritage Lottery Fund, this monument to the Cold War now has a secure future and will give visitors an insight into the airfield’s role during both the Second World War and the long stand-off with the Warsaw Pact.   


3rd November 2018

By now regular visitors to our site will know of Richard's prowess with a camera. He also has a great affinity for Bomber Command in WW2. The pictures reproduced here show his skill in capturing the atmosphere of his chosen aviation subject.



January 2019

With the retirement imminent for the UK's Tornados, GR.4 ZD752 of No 31 Squadron based at RAF Marham has been painted in an all over camouflage scheme, that was once seen in the early years of the type’s operation. 

The aircraft flew in its new scheme for the first time on January 23, 2019 and joined two other specially marked Tornados, ZG775 (marked as No IX (B) Squadron Tornado 1982 - 2019) and ZD716 (marked as 31 Squadron Tornado 1984 - 2019) for a photographic sortie.


For close on four decades Panavia Tornados have served Britain’s armed forces in times of peace and conflict, but in March 2019 the RAF’s final two squadrons flying the type, IX(B) and 31, will be retired at Marham in Norfolk. In 1982, IX(B) was the first squadron to convert to the Tornado, so it is fitting that they will be one of the last to fly the type into retirement.

IX(B) has operated the Tornado for the past 37 years, longer than any other aircraft type in its history.

During this time the Tornado has met the challenges presented to it in the everchanging theatre of warfare and tactics. It has remained a potent symbol of the UK’s air power and has deemed itself a viable weapons platform, being able to absorb the numerous upgrades and enhanced weapon fits that have been applied to the airframe over the years. It has also been in frontline action for 28 years, participating in Operations Granby, Telic and Ellamy.

The Tornados role in the RAF has passed to the Eurofighter Typhoon whose weapon capabilities have been enhanced for the ground attack role in a project known as Centurion.

 All photos taken January 2019.


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