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March 2018

My friend and BWAG member RICHARD HALL has been busy

travelling with his camera. He has kindly sent me these photos of

his recent visit to Woodford which members will enjoy seeing.

Thank you Richard for keeping me so well supplied

with interesting quality material!


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March 2018


Another of BWAG's contributors to the Photo Page is our

Chairman ANDY RANKINE. He kindly sends us examples of his

photography after visiting places of aeronautical interest

and his latest offering is shown below.

Brooklands is one of the places currently under discussion

for a future visit by BWAG possibly in the

Autumn of 2018.


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Another splendid contribution (below) by RICHARD HALL who had been out and about with his camera. He has shared these excellent photos which are bound to be of interest to BWAG members.

This is his comment which came with the pictures.


"On 23 March 1993 Vulcan B.2 XH558 flew into Bruntingthorpe after being bought by the Walton family, on what was to the aircraft's last flight in RAF service, having for some years been with the RAF's Vulcan Display Team. It was thought that this would be the end of the Vulcan's flying days but as we now know this was not to be.


To commemorate the 25th anniversary of XH558 last flight in RAF service an event was held at Bruntingthorpe on 24 March 2018. As it was not possible for XH558 to be there on the day, Victor K.2 XM715 was rolled into Bruntingthorpe's main hangar to act as a backdrop to proceedings.


The day brought together those who flew the Vulcan on her last RAF flight and those who went on to secure the aircraft's future along with paying members of the public who were given a tour of the airfield as well as presentations, from V Bomber crews and invited guests.


The Victor is not a small aircraft but appeared almost lost in the expanse of

Bruntingthorpe's main hangar.


Whilst I was there I was also lucky to see a No 1 engine run from The Lightning Preservation Group's BAC Lightning F.6 XS904, which included reheat; probably the loudest noise on earth!"



Another fine selection from BWAG regular Richard to enjoy.

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