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Tuesday 4th September 2018 - "Attack onTaranto" - Kim Sharman



Cold War Sea Vixen pilot Kim returns with his enthusiastic and well researched presentation on the daring raid on the Italian base by his Fleet Air Arm predecessors in November 1940. The successful operation by aircrew and Swordfish aircraft from HMS Eagle and HMS Illustrious was to have far reaching consequences for future naval warfare.




Tuesday 2nd October - Navy Wings Team - PROVISIONAL - Details TBC


Tuesday 6th November - John Coote - "Navigation" - Details TBC




Tuesday 1st May 2018 – Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork

"Extending the Operational Boundaries – Further, Higher, Faster 1919-1939"











Tuesday 3rd April 2018 - Rod Dean

"Design and Development of the Gloster Meteor"



This first class presentation covered in detail the story of the Meteor, the UK’s first jet fighter, from first flight in March 1943 to a review of surviving aircraft still flying. Rod has wide personal experience of flying T7, F8 and NF11 variants of the aircraft with the RAF or later as a display pilot. Each development and mark of the Meteor was well illustrated and discussed and supported by Rod’s usual mix of information and entertainment.



Tuesday 6th March 2018 - Adrian Abbott

"Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft"


AWA produced over 11,000 aircraft during its lifespan of over 50 years. These included some significant successes and a number of failures, including possibly the ugliest plane of all time. The company suffered from constraints imposed by the Hawker Siddeley Group, but became expert at producing other companies' aircraft, claiming to make any plane 30% cheaper than the rest of the Group. It never seemed very sure of the direction it should take, which may be exemplified by the Apollo photograph.


Adrian Abbott became an Apprentice at AWA in 1955 and left in 1963 having worked on various aspects of Meteors, Meteor NFs, Seahawk, Hunter, Javelin, Vulcan, and Argosy, plus SeaSlug and SeaDart missiles. It was a fascinating start to an aeronautical career. The well-attended talk covered most of the aircraft from 1913 on, and described the story behind Whitley bombers' nose-down problem and why the Apollo, which should have equalled the Viscount, didn't.



Tuesday 6th February 2018 - Paul Beaver

"Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown and Jet Aircraft"


Author and broadcaster Colonel Paul Beaver is currently completing his biography of our much missed patron Eric Brown. As a close friend of Eric, Paul has had access to his log books, personal records and much new information. This well illustrated talk included a discussion on Eric's work with and his contribution to British jet aircraft development. An interesting section dealt with his post-war experiences at the US Navy Air Test Center at Patuxent River where he had the opportunity to fly and test the latest American carrier-borne jet aircraft. Eric was also noted for the improvements made to American aircraft carrier design and effectiveness.


Tuesday 2nd January 2018 - Phil Nelson

"British Airways Flying Training at Hamble"


Captain Phil Nelson made a welcome return following his recent set of presentations on flying RAF bomber aircraft. After retiring from the RAF Phil was appointed Flying Instructor at the British Airways College of Air Training at nearby Hamble. This interesting, well illustrated and very local story covered another phase of Phil’s wide ranging aviation career delivered in his usual informative

and entertaining style.




Tuesday 5th December 2017 - Carl Graham

"Unlucky 13 - the crash of B17G-20-VE ‘Paper Dollie’ #42-97622"


On the 23rd June 1944 Boeing Flying Fortress ‘Paper Dollie’ was part of a Lead Group of B17 bombers attacking airfields in France in support of allied forces soon after D-Day. On the return flight the aircraft crashed at Dundridge with the loss of the pilot and rear gunner. Carl has made a study of the operation and particularly the background of the aircrew involved. This interesting and very local presentation followed Carl’s detailed research and recent contact with families of the crew members. Although a tribute to one aircraft and crew it is an example representing all the US Eighth Air Force bomber aircrews operating over Europe in WW2.


Tuesday 7th November 2017 - Phil Holt

“Controlling 911 – the most fraught 4 hours in the history of ATC"


In this fascinating presentation Phil told the story of his colleagues at the Boston, Washington and Cleveland Air Traffic Centers following the unprecedented decision by the FAA controller, in his first day in the job, to ground all 4,000 aircraft in the airspace of the USA. Phil was a UK Air Traffic Controller for nearly 40 years and was on duty on the 11th September 2001



Tuesday 3rd October 2017 - Joe Marsden -

‘Canberra Target Towing’ followed by ‘ASTOR’


Joe had a long and interesting service career and flew many types including the Canberra TT Mk 18 with No 7 Squadron, at the time one of the largest units in the RAF. The first entertaining and well illustrated talk covered the technicalities of target towing and recollections of deployments to Gibraltar and Cyprus. Joe was later involved with the ASTOR Airborne Stand Off Radar system with the Sentinel aircraft and associated ground stations.



Monday 18th September - Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork -

"Behind Enemy Lines - RAF Evaders"



Graham made a welcome return with true stories of RAF and Commonwealth aircrews of WW2. He served in the RAF for 36 years, was a Director of Military Intelligence at the MoD and is the author of many books. This well illustrated presentation reflected Graham’s usual detailed research and followed his previous talks here on the Buccaneer, Men Behind the Medals and the Battle of Britain. Graham’s associated book ‘Shot Down and on the Run’ has recently been republished in softback..




Monday 15th May – Michael Draper –

‘Biafra – The Air War & Relief Airlift’.


Biafra between 1967 and 1970 remains one of the many forgotten African wars of the second half of the twentieth century. Michael’s well-illustrated talk was based on his personal involvement and covered particularly the air bridge of arms and food supplies to the Biafran enclave. Aircraft involved included the Constellation, DC6, Stratofreighter and Dakota as well as military Mig-17s and MFI Minicons. The talk was followed by a showing of the 45 minute award-winning documentary “Jesus Christ Airlines”




Monday 24th April - Rod Dean –

‘Flying and Displaying Vintage Jet Aircraft’

Rod made a welcome return with the fourth of his talks, this time based on his practical flying experience of jet display flying. Following his RAF and Gulf States service he continued on the display circuit until recently. His favourite type, the Hunter, featured together with the Meteor, Vampire, Venom, Canadair T33 and Sabre. As usual Rod’s lively presentation had been meticulously researched and well illustrated with many photos from his personal collection. For more information just type Rod’s name in your favourite web browser.







Graham returned with a brand new presentation. The period between the two World Wars saw the RAF develop its operational capabilities by flying some epic long-range flights to the furthest points of the Empire. It also created new height and speed records which led to the development of some iconic aircraft and aero engines.





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